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Sahyadri Sanstha was registered in Nagpur under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 by a group of professionals who shared a common dream and had come together to work on a people – Read More..

Our Vision

“Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness Only Light Can Do That Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate Only Love Can Do That”

Every human being have some primary needs like food, shelter, clothes. Also some secondary needs like education,health center and an occupation. This needs should be available to each and human being (which together becomes a society). We live in a society which is consists of people of different social, economical, gender and physical status. Some people are very privileged as they have all sort of necessities that a normal human being needs to live; their physical social and economical status is good and they can live happy life.

But some people are not lucky enough. Some are left over by their families, some are born in pot of poverty, some have some mental or physical disorder. This makes their life difficult and unhappy. Also the differences in society causes various problems like poverty, unemployment, starvation. So our vision is to uplift those underprivileged people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our contribution to society so that every element of society can live happy life. We aim to Expand Socially, Technically And Environmentally. We aim to to eradicate Poverty, unemployment, starvation, by providing education, proper training and all types of help that an individual can use to fulfil his and his families basic needs.We focus on Empowering Women so that they can get chance to live confident and independent life in male dominant society. We aim to uplift the orphans, poor Children, Adolescents which are thrown in the darkness of poverty, addiction,bad habits like thievery. We want to train Farmers and rural people so that they can upgrade their life, their work with new technologies , new inventions. We dream of a proper health to all economically underprivileged, Migrants And Other Disadvantaged Groups by providing all basic health services. Our mission is to Encourage people belonging to SC, ST and Other backward communities to participate actively in the development process so that they can improve their social status.


Health is the greatest of all possessions, public health is important factor for nation’s growth indicator. In 2016, more than 2.1 million people recorded to suffering from HIV and each year, approx. 220,000 deaths are reported due to Tuberculosis. The core reasons are lack of awareness and resources in rural and underprivileged area of nation. To cope with health problems, the team of Sahyadri Foundation is leading many projects, workshops. Which are centred around Tuberculosis and HIV to help community to cure and prevent by making aware about such health threats and by conducting continuous health camps with the help of government initiatives. Currently foundation has an impact on over 100 villages of Nagpur district and spreading its projects with a dream of healthy Nagpur.

Our Core Values

1) Mutual trust and respect, for each and every individual recognizing uniqueness of each other and the value of being diverse. 2) Transparency & Accountability, demanding that we are accountable at all levels and in turn be effective in our interventions, open in our judgments and interaction with others. 3) Independence and neutrality from any religious or party-political affiliation. 4) Honesty and integrity.

What We Do

Background of Sahyadri Foundation

Sahyadri Foundation is a NGO working on issues affecting the urban and rural communities of Nagpur district. For the last 11 years of our existence, the organization has developed and implemented several innovative interventions with a special focus on halting and reversing TB, HIV & AIDS, Tobacco, cancer, housing for the poor and works for the welfare and empowerment of women, children, adolescent girls and boys, farmers by initiating development programs in the fields of education, sports, environment protection, counselling in career guidance, linkages to health care and livelihoods.









Our Recent Works